12187672_adjustedI have been an artist from an early age and avidly pursued an education in the fine arts first at Lawrence High School, MA and then at Rivier College in Nashua, NH.

After years of struggling with artist block, I accepted a 30-day art journal challenge in March of 2013 – and completed it (a HUGE shocker). The most important lesson learned was simply to “play” again. Out of this exercise evolved the I Ching Project: a series of 64 mixed-media paintings based on the I Ching (The Book of Changes) – a mixture of order and chaos. The I Ching Project was completed on August 26th, 2015.

Since the completion of the I Ching Project, I  have developed several other projects – all in progress, including: the Journal Project (currently suspended), the Baugua Project (which will be re-booted at the completion of my current project) and, most recently: the Pismo Series.

[You can view images from the Journal Project, the I Ching Project and the Pismo series by clicking on the links on the main menu, see example of where they are located below:]menu.PNG

I have not been involved in any current art shows or exhibitions, choosing to focus on my new project, but my more recent previous shows/exhibitions include: “PATTERNS” at the ALL Gallery in Lowell, MA, the Cape Cod Art Association “All New England” national juried show, ‘The Holiday Show’ at the Pearl Street Gallery (Juried) and the Newburyport Art Association 18th Annual Regional Juried Show in which I was awarded the Strem Chemicals Inc. Award for work in Mixed Media.

I have an avid interest in Eastern philosophy and art and incorporate Eastern elements in my work alongside modified Celtic knots and organic designs. Over the course of the I Ching Project, which focused on order and chaos, my work has evolved and I am now focused on pushing those ideas even further in several new series.

I am also a VIDA designer, you can check out my collection of scarves, statement bags, clutches, candles and clothing using my VIDA Ambassador link: http://bit.ly/2Mamz2J

Jenn_White_#62 Safetly in Smallness
©Jenn White, Safety in Smallness. Mixed-Media, 15×22.

You can also find my original work, prints and postcards in my White Rooster Studio Etsy shop, please check out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRoosterStudio

To view blog posts prior to February 2018, please check out my original blog, highlighting the beginning of this journey at http://whiteroosterstudio.blogspot.com.

In order to continue my art education, I have been reading artist biographies, biographies of paintings, art-related historical fiction (always fun to read “what if?”, art theory and criticism, as well as watching art documentaries and films about artists. Suggestions are always welcome as I am always on the lookout for something new!

I currently reside in Dracut, MA.


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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