I Ching Project


©Jenn White, The I Ching Project. Mixed-Media, 15×22.

The I Ching Project consists of 64 mixed-media pictures based loosely on the I Ching (The Book of Changes) and the project is best described as a mixture of order and chaos.

The order comes from the unifying elements of the I Ching project: a black framework border on watercolor paper, a hexagram, which is chosen at random at varying stages of the painting, along with the corresponding Chinese character. The chaos evolves from the biomorphic designs (some paintings are created entirely using these designs), the Celtic knots, and the final ink wash stage. The result creates a balance of decisive and delicate lines set against a background of intense shapes.

There is no preconceived idea of what the completed painting will evolve into. Each picture begins by either designing a Celtic-style knot or a biomorphic design and the rest of the painting flows from that point. I choose to use Sharpies in this project because I feel a sense of control while using them, at the same time I also incorporate gel pens for their lack of control. I enjoy the uncertainty and excitement of “What if?” during the design of the knot, the blocking in of the biomorphic designs and the ink wash stage.

All pictures are 15×22 inches on 140 lb watercolor paper.

All original pictures are available for purchase for $400.00/each in the Etsy Shop. Please see the list below for pictures already listed in the Etsy Shop:

  • #1 Creative Action
  • #3 A Difficult Beginning
  • #7 Arming Your Forces
  • #15 Modesty
  • #25 Remaining Blameless
  • #49 Revolution
  • #56 Wandering
  • #62 Safety in Smallness
  • #64 Transition

Please note: all pictures are also available as a high quality MADE TO ORDER giclee print for $25.00/each. The print measures approximately 8.25” x 11.5” with a white border for framing. It is printed on acid free matte paper with archival ink

Please contact me directly if there is a specific picture (or print) that you are interested in that is not already listed in the Etsy Shop and I will see that it is listed for purchase.


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