WRS VIDA clutches now added to Etsy shop

VIDA clutches have been added to the WRS Etsy website!

WRS is now offering two clutches from my VIDA Collection in the WRS Etsy shop. All clutches are in stock and are ready to ship in 1 -3 business days.

“Safety in Smallness” is part of a 64-picture series based on the I Ching and it is best described as a mixture of order and chaos.

“Journal #6” is part of an on-going personal series that explores working on a small scale.

Please check them out at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRoosterStudio

Additional clutches are in the process of being created and will be added to the Etsy shop as soon as they arrive.

White Rooster Studio

Copyright @2018 White Rooster Studios. All Rights Reserved.


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