Artist of the Month: August: Hedda Sterne

The third artist that will be highlighted is: HEDDA STERNE:hedda_sterne

Hedda Sterne (August 4, 1910 – April 8, 2011) was a Romanian-born American artist who was an active member of the New York School of painters. Her work is often associated with Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism.

To learn about Hedda and her amazing life, check out: and The Hedda Sterne Foundation at

The Hedda Sterne Foundation is headquartered at 16 East 71st Street 3A New York, NY, 10021 United States, and, unfortuanately, does not appear to be open to the public. There are a lot of resouces to learn more about Hedda on this site.

To check out Hedda’s artwork:

Hedda and husband, Saul Steinberg, a cartoonist and illustrator

Leen-Nina-Irascibles-1951-Getty-big.jpgIt’s impossible to mention Hedda without mentioning one of the the most famous photographs of that error: The Irascibles: Photo taken January 15, 1951, photograph by Nina Leen.[13] 15 of the letter’s 28 signees arrived for the photo shoot: Theodoros Stamos, Jimmy Ernst, Barnett Newman, James Brooks, Mark Rothko, Richard Pousette-Dart, William Baziotes, Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Still, Robert Motherwell, Bradley Walker Tomlin, Willem de Kooning, Adolph Gottlieb, Ad Reinhardt, and Hedda Sterne.

To check out more about The Irascibles:

A biography of Hedda has just been published, the book is only ~144 pages and focuses on her life PRIOR to arriving in New York in 194. It’s a start, but unfortunately, I have not been able to come across anything else that looks like a biography, just cataglogs:hedda book


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