Adventures with Basil: Artist Retreat, Part 1

Basil and I have just returned from our first ever artist retreat!

Lots of new works on progress to share, but we have to get down to business first. The chalet that we stayed at was supposed to have WIFI so we could continue to post on FB daily… alas, there were some technical difficulties so we are a little behind now.

Please check out Basil teasing one of the new pictures and please check out all that we had meant to share while we were away below:

©2019, Jenn White, Basil with Pismo #2 (B), Hanover Chalet, NH. Photograph

Wednesday, August 21st: Happy Birthday, Asher Brown Durand!!Portraits of Artists from Archives Of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Happy Birthday, Aubrey Beardsley!!!aubrey_beardsley_photo

Happy Birthday, Christian Schad!!Christian_Schad,_1912,_by_Franz_Grainer

Happy Birthday, Jean-Baptiste Greuze!!Jean-Baptiste_Greuze_Self_Portrait

Happy Birthday, Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena!!220px-Narcisse_Virgilio_Díaz

Thursday, August 22nd: Happy Birthday, Archibald Willard!!220px-Archibald_Willard

Happy Birthday, Henri Cartier-Bresson!!Henri_Cartier-Bresson

Happy Birthday, Jacques Lipchitz!!!Jacques Lipchitz At his art studio, 1967 Copyright John Swope Trust / MPTV

Throwback Thursday: All three of my White Women pictures #TBT #WhiteWomenSeries:20170511_201939-1.jpg

Friday, August 23rd: Happy Birthday, Alexander Mile Calder!!!AlexanderSandyCalder

Happy Birthday, Hannah Frank!!!Hannah-Frank

Saturday, August 24th: Happy Birthday, Alex Colville!!Alex Colville

Happy Birthday, Lavinia Fontana!!! LOVE this self-portrait!Lavinia_Fontana_-_Self-Portrait_in_a_Tondo_-_WGA7986

Sunday, August 25th: Happy Birthday, Charles-Amedee-Philippe van Loo!!Labille-Guiard,_van_Loo

Happy Birthday, Dorothea Tanning!!!55_8_DorotheaTanningHuismesFrancebyLeeMiller

Happy Birthday, George Stubbs!!220px-George_Stubbs_-_self_portrait

Happy Birthday, Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato!!220px-Self-portrait_by_Giovanni_Battista_Salvi_da_Sassoferrato

Happy Birthday, Jacob Maris!!220px-Jacob_Maris_by_Matthijs_Maris

Also, WRS is continuing to celebrate Artist of the Month: Hedda Sterne!!!


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