Adventures with Basil: Visit to the Clark and Natural Bridge State Park

Last Friday we traveled to the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA to see the Renoir and Ida O’Keeffe exhibits on view. It was Basil’s first visit to the Clark and he couldn’t wait to check it all out!

©2019, Jenn White, Basil at the Clark Art Institute Entrance. Photograph

First stop at the Clark was “Renoir: The Body, The Senses” – this exhibit will be on view until September 22nd, so if you are in the area and would love to view the show you still have couple of more days. I loved seeing the evolution of Renoir’s exploration of the human body over the course of his career and the opportunity to view some of his pictures that I had only seen reproductions of was amazing. Being able to get up close and actually see the brushstrokes and how the picture was constructed aided my understanding of Renoir’s work.

Please check out some of the image highlights at The Clark’s website also has a lot of great information to check out in addition to the images, so if you have some time, please check out the additional links.

Of course I couldn’t resist walking past the reduced book table at the gift shop, so it really wasn’t any surprise that I walked out with a couple of new books:

And, of course, the “Renoir’s Dancer” book proved too “shiny” to resist… so much so, that I put the Isamu Noguchi biography I had been reading aside to start it, and now I can’t put it down!

Next stop was “Ida O’Keeffe: Escaping Georgia’s Shadow”… I only wish that there were more of Ida’s work on view as I completely feel in love with her Highland Lighthouse Series:

IDAUnfortunately, there is not a lot of information online about Ida, just a short Wikipedia entry, no written biography, just a tiny catalog of the exhibition (see left):

I certainly hope that Ida will receive more recognition soon and that someone writes a biography so we learn more about her and her work.

Before leaving the Clark, we sat in the sun and enjoyed the view at the water installation:

©2019, Jenn White, Basil at the Clark Art Institute Water Installation. Photograph

We then headed into North Adams in search of sandwiches so we could enjoy our lunch at the Natural Bridge State Park:

©2019, Jenn White, Basil at Marble Waterfall, Natural Bridge State Park, North Adams. Photograph
©2019, Jenn White, Basil at Natural Bridge State Park, North Adams. Photograph

After touring the state park, we headed back east along Route 2 and stopped at an overlook so Basil can check out the valley:

©2019, Jenn White, Basil at Overlook, North Adams. Photograph

We’ll be keeping a eye out for upcoming exhibits at the Clark and are looking forward to our next adventure!


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