Artist of the Month: Helen Lundeberg

The tenth artist that will be highlighted is: Helen Lundeberg:e243b3f791bd7b11a552d8a056fd3fbf--abstract-art-painters

According to her Wikipedia page: “Helen Lundeberg (1908–1999) was a Southern Californian painter. Along with her husband Lorser Feitelson, she is credited with establishing the Post-Surrealist movement. Her artistic style changed over the course of her career, and has been described variously as Post-Surrealism, Hard-edge painting, and Subjective Classicism.”

Helen and Lorser

Wikipedia continues: “During the 1950s, Lundeberg moved towards geometric abstraction and Hard Edge painting and away from the representational sensibility that had informed her early work. Though always based in reality, Lundeberg created mysterious images that exist somewhere between abstraction and figuration. Repeatedly described as formal and lyrical, Lundeberg’s paintings rely on precise compositions that utilize various restricted palettes. Paintings from this period employ the idea of “mood entity”, a concept in Post Surrealism that was concerned with evoking states of mind, moods and emotional content unique to each work. Lundeberg and Feitelson were part of a loose group of Post-Surrealists that also included the artists Grace Clements, Philip Guston, Reuben Kadish, Harold Lehman, Lucien Labaudt, Knud Merrild, and Etienne Ret. During this period, Lundeberg was one of the most prolific painters working in Southern California.”

You can check out more about Helen and her work at:

Please make sure that you check out some of her later work from the 1970’s and 1980’s – they are stunningly beautiful and the color is simply amazing.

What I find encouraging and completely exciting is that, unlike most of the other artists that I have highlighted in this blog, Helen’s work is still being shown with two exhibits last year and even more in 2018…. Unfortunately, it appears that I missed a chance to see her work last year at the Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts… fingers crossed that there will be another opportunity soon!

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a biography for Helen, there was a listing for a documentary: “Helen Lundeberg: Americal Painter” (1988)… but I am still on the lookout for it.


I found a quote of Helen’s that interested me, mostly because her ideas on art are essentially the opposite of mine:

“I don’t like disorder, or confusion or violence. I know they exist in the world but why should I have to paint them.” – Helen Lundeberg

I love not knowing the outcome of my pictures, they are not planned and rely on patterns once the design has been completed. And, yet, at the same time, I can understand Helen’s point of view.

Please check out the White Rooster Studio Facebook page during the month of March for more photos of Helen and images of her work.


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