From the Studio: Pismo 7 (G) & Pismo 11 (K) Completed!

Work has been a little slow in the studio these past few weeks as I am becoming more acclimated to my new position. Now, with a tad more energy and making a more conscious effort to set aside more studio time, I have been able to complete two more Pismo Series pictures!

As I have mentioned previously, I believe that now that I have a clearer vision of what the series should look like, I have been able to complete more work – with less and less re-dos.

Since my last post, I have completed Pismo 11 (K) and Pismo 7 (G) (just completed this morning):

©2020, Jenn White, Pismo 11 (K), Completed , Photograph
©2020, Jenn White, Pismo 7 (G), Completed, Photograph

This means that the Pismo Series has officially reached ~50% completed… there are five that I have decided to re-do: Pismo E, I, J, L, &W   which leaves eight that I have not experimented with yet.

I will be prepping new sheets of paper for the re-do letters this afternoon and have made all but the W a priority to complete next as my goal is to have them completed by October so I can use them to print my 2021 calendars.

I have updated my Pismo Series portfolio page, so please check it out if you are interested in checking out all of the completed pictures.

The initial group of Pismo Series pictures have been professional scanned and have been all uploaded to the Pismo Series gallery on my website.

I have added all of the complete letters to my Etsy Shop for prints, so please check out if you are interested in purchasing any.

I do have some disappointing news in regards to creating Pismo candles though my VIDA collection: sadly, VIDA has chosen to discontinue offering candles at this time and I am in the process of looking for another vendor to create candles.

The bad news is: from what I can tell, only VIDA was offering to create candles with the image ON the candle itself (which I loved). The good news is: there are several sites that offer customized candles… the difference is that the image is printed on the glass jar the candle comes in, which may be a good alternative option.

Please check back soon as I have ordered samples from one of the vendors and post images to see how you like them.

I have also orders samples of the Pismo letters on tote bags, just to see if that is something that you would be interested in as a option going forward.

And, finally, I am in the process of designing some new items for my VIDA collection: bags, scarves, etc and should be able to post pictures of them soon.


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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