Adventures with Basil: A week on Cape Cod

We recently took a well-overdue break and spent a quiet week on Cape Cod. There were no real plans, mostly just focusing on unplugging from work and taking a couple of short drives around the Cape.

We had never taken Basil to the Cape before, so he was incredibly excited and eager to explore. He had also never really been “on” a beach, so there were a lot of “firsts” on this trip for him.

On our first full day in Hyannis, we decided to take advantage of the warm temps and bright sunshine and tour some of the beaches nearby – first up: Kalmus Beach for a nice walk along the shore, checking out sea shells and watching the ferries and small fishing boats pass by:

©2020, Jenn White, Kalmus Beach, Cape Cod, Photograph

Some images from our walk on Kalmus Beach and a tiny view of the harbor, plenty of shells to examine and fishing equipment:

We moved on to  Keyes Memorial Beach a little further down the coast. I loved the deserted beach and the wonderful picnic area they had – something to think about the next time we find ourselves on the Cape:

©2020, Jenn White, Keyes Memorial Beach, Cape Cod, Photograph

The next day was foggy pretty much all day, this allowed us to get some amazing pictures of Kalmus Beach:

©2020, Jenn White, Kalmus Beach, Fog

The fog was so thick in the harbor that the large ferry boats were able to pass by us unseen, we only heard their fog horns:

©2020, Jenn White, Fishing shack and boats, Kalmus Beach, Fog

Mid-week, we moved on from Hyannis to Dennis to a cottage we had rented. Our hosts suggested checking out the tidal pools at nearby Mayflower Beach and we were not disappointed. We arrived late afternoon when the tide was going out and had the beach pretty much to ourselves:

©2020, Jenn White, Mayflower Beach, sunset

We spent one entire day at the Dennis cottage, working on personal projects, reading and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Basil was as supportive as ever of my studio time. He also couldn’t resist goofing off a little as I was working on Pismo 25 (Y) – check him out, he looks like he could burst out into “YMCA”:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil with Pismo 25 (Y) in progress

Unfortunately, I will need to re-do all the work that was done on Pismo 25 (Y) – I noticed a fundamental design error after working on the picture for several hours – tow circles on the right-hand side are not the same size as the corresponding circles on the left, making the design seem lopsided. Had the incorrect circles been, for example, both on the top, then I could have worked the problem into the design.

I did try to “correct” the issue once we were home, but the result made the picture look overworked and I admitted defeat.

Check out Basil trying to be encouraging on the cottage’s deck:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Dennis cottage, Cape Cod

Basil’s favorite day of the week was Friday when we headed out on a mini lighthouse tour.

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Little River, Cape Cod

He especially loved hanging out on the viewfinder at Chatham Beach, looking for seals and people watching:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Chatham Beach, Cape Cod

He couldn’t resist having his picture taken at Chatham Lighthouse:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Chatham Lighthouse, Cape Cod
©2020, Jenn White, Basil enjoying the sunshine at Chatham Beach, Cape Cod

Basil loved the Chatham fish pier – he spent most of his time searching for seal lions:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at the Chatham fish pier

After lunch, we took a walk on Nauset Beach – this was Basil’s first time sitting in the sand and watching the waves. He couldn’t get enough of it:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil on Nauset Beach

He also enjoyed the marshes and amazing views at Fort Hill:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil enjoying the view at Fort Hill, Cape Cod

We also visited Coast Guard Beach for the first time:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod

Basil did have a small “accident” and fell off of the fencing – but luckily he fell on the abundant sea grasses below, so no harm done!

©2020, Jenn White, Basil‘s little “accident” at Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod

We ended the afternoon with a visit to Nauset Lighthouse and Basil’s spirits seemed to have recovered from his “accident”:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Nauset Lighthouse, Cape Cod

The views at Nauset Light Beach are amazing and Basil found himself transfixed and didn’t want to leave:

©2020, Jenn White, Basil entranced by the sea at Nauset Light Beach
©2020, Jenn White, Basil at Nauset Light Beach

After a year of limited adventure opportunities, it was wonderful to spend a quiet week at Cape Cod. We all  came home rested, recharged and looking forward to the next adventure!


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