From the studio: Updates on “Autonomy” and “Authority”

A lesson in awareness of your surroundings: make sure that your work is secure before pushing you chair back from your art table… or you will end up rolling over you work in progress as I did below:20180304_153825

I briefly entertained the idea that this picture is salvageable… but now have to admit that I will have to re-do “Autonomy”… once again. The wheel marks from my chair are far too obvious and even if I could smooth them out more, I feel that the result would look unprofessional.

I was enjoying the direction that this new “Autonomy” was going in, so I am sure that it will be relatively quick to recreate the essential design.


This will allow me to try to come up with a better design solution to the “center” of the picture, something I have been struggling with for some time now. I had been trying to allow to design to evolve and not be restricted to the intersecting circles, to allow it to morph into a unique design of its own… and I see that it still needs to be pushed even further to create the effect that I am looking for:20180304_153859

As a result of “Autonomy’s” misfortune, I have revisited “Authority” and have added arcs to the outer portion of the design:20180304_154754

The arcs seem to be adding some balance to the outer portion of the design, but I am still faced with the task of coming up with a solution to the interior of the red circle:20180304_154803

I plan on working on the exterior of “Authority” during the week and am hopeful that inspiration will strike soon 🙂

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