VIDA Collection: WRS candles and pendant


It’s always exciting to see new items with your designs on them and I am especially thrilled about how the new WRS 6 inch candles came out:20180311_135313-1

I absolutely love how the design comes together on the back side of the candles:

The candles shown are 3″ x 6″ and are being sold for $35.00/ea. I also have the same designs in a smaller size (3″ x 4″) for $25.00/ea.

I haven’t lit them yet – they look so nice as is! – but the VIDA website states: “As the candle burns, light shines through the custom-printed wax wrapping instantly elevating any living space. Elegant and fragrance-free…” so I will admit that I am intrigued on seeing how the design looks as the candle burns down…  I may just have a to get a 2nd set just for this!

PLEASE NOTE: These candles are heavy, so there is an extra shipping fee to ship.

I also purchased the pendant – I love how the design came out, but I should mention that the chain that it comes with is ~16 inches. I prefer a longer chain, so the picture below shows the pendant on a chain that I already owned:20180311_142928


UPDATE: Turns out that there were technical difficulties with the pendant and VIDA has since corrected it so that the pendant will now ship with the 30 inch chain that they list in the description of the product. They are shipping a new pendant and chain to me 🙂

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