WRS Etsy Shop: VIDA Clutches and iPhones Cases available to ship for the holidays

WRS is offering a total of 5 different clutches and 3 iPhone cases from my VIDA Collection in the WRS Etsy shop.

All clutches and iPhone cases are in stock and are ready to ship in 1-3 business days, plenty of time for the upcoming holidays!

“Safety in Smallness”, “Wandering” and “Revolution”, are part of a 64-picture series based on the I Ching and it is best described as a mixture of order and chaos.

“Journal #5” and “Journal #6” are part of an on-going personal series that explores working on a small scale.

Please check them out at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRoosterStudio

VIDA Wandering Clutch and VIDA Safety in Smallness Clutch – 2/ea in stock and are selling for $40.00/ea


VIDA Revolution Clutch and VIDA Journal #5 Clutch & VIDA Journal #6 Clutch  – 1/ea in stock and are selling for $40.00/ea

VIDA Wandering iPhone case, VIDA Revolution iPhone Case and VIDA Remaining Blameless iPhone case – 1/ea in stock and are selling for $35.00/ea

White Rooster Studio

Copyright @2018 White Rooster Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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