From the Studio: Update on “Pismo 2 (B)”

Happy 2019!!!

The beginning of a  New Year loaded with new opportunities to evolve artistically and to see where this project will take me.

Today, I spend a couple of hours in the studio adding additional biomorphic designs to “Pismo 2 (B)” (mostly because when I had started blocking in the shapes, I felt the overall design needed more to balance everything out):20190101_152644-1

I am beginning to think that the idea of NOT having the blocked in shapes “fill in” the letter B is actually starting to work. I feel that the B is not becoming lost in the design and as the blocking continues, I am hoping that it will “appear” to be floating above the overall design.

I will admit that there is a part of me that is really enjoying the challenge of figuring this design out and I am especially happy of how the design within the B looks:20190101_152654-1

With the New Year, of course there are TONS of ideas in regards to how the series could develop and how to increase the amount of time spent in the studio… but mostly I just want to enjoy this process and to finally learn how to stop worrying about every decision I make in regards to my art and return to the idea that launched this journey in 2013: just play.

So, here’s is to a happy, healthy and creative 2019 for all!

White Rooster Studio

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