WRS Summer Vacation 2019

White Rooster Studio will be on summer vacation from Saturday, July 13th, until Sunday, July 21st, 2019.

As you can see, Basil is super excited to be heading to Vermont for a quiet week by the lake, the new art go-bag has been packed and he can’t wait!:

©2019, Jenn White, Basil posing with artist go-bag. Photograph

While we are gone, I have prepared all of my usual FB posts and included them below:

Saturday, July 13th: Happy Birthday, Mordecai Ardon!ecf9cb87-89c6-4120-802a-2b8406be3c01_jpg!Portrait

Sunday, July 14th: Happy Birthday, Gustav Klimt!Gustav Klimt

Monday, July 15th: Happy Birthday, Rembrandt van Rijn!rembrandt_1661

Monday is also Manifesto Monday, so in honor of Georgia O’Keeffe (WRS’s Artist of the Month) #ManifestoMonday #Affirmation:

Georgia-O’Keeffe Manifesto monday

Tuesday, July 16th: Happy Birthday Andrea del Sarto!220px-Andredelsartoselfportrait.jpg

And Happy Birthday, Charles Cheeler!0ae32eb19b2c44bf1745bd10d7ac3a34--charles-demuth-charles-sheeler

Wednesday, July 17th: Happy Birthday, Berenice Abbott!Berenice Abbott.png

And Happy Birthday, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot!Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Thursday, July 18th: Happy Birthday, Hyacinthe Rigaud!Hyacinthe Rigaud

Thursday is also Throwback Thursday: Check out #29 Danger from the I Ching Series #TBT #IChingSeries:29 Danger Throwback Thursday

Friday, July 19th: Happy Birthday, Edgar Degas!Edgar-Degas.jpg

Saturday, July 20th: Happy Birthday, Judy Chicago!o-JUDY-CHICAGO-facebook

Saturday is also Moon Day, so in honor please check out “Earthrise”:earthrise moon day

ANNOUNCEMENT: When we return, we will be adding some new items to the Etsy store! We are especially excited to be offering a limited supply of a new I Ching coffee mug, featuring #62 Safety in Smallness in the center, flanked by #49 Revolution, please check out the sample below:WRS Mugs

See you all when we return!


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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