From the Studio: Pismo 5 (E), Pismo 9 (I) & Pismo 10 (J) Completed!

I’ve made some changes to my studio time over the past couple of weeks – I am now up to two studio sessions during the week + spending as much time as possible in the studio on the weekends and have been able to make significant progress with the Pismo Series since my last update post on March 22nd.

Since my last post, I have completed Pismo 9 (I), Pismo 5 (E) and Pismo 10 (J) – ironically, all three of the pictures were re-dos, the originals were all started (and failed) in 2019.

When I began the Pismo Series, there really wasn’t any clear pattern to which letter I worked on, I had originally focused on letters of family members names, but now that I have completed 16 pictures, I am more focused on “filling in” the letters that I had skipped over or had to re-do. The reasoning behind this is: I had needed to complete 13 Pismo pictures to create a calendar this year and decided to focus on the 1st 13 letters so there would be some order to the calendar. To date, I have completed all of the letters needed with the exception of Pismo 12 (L), which I started on 4/30/20 – meaning the 2021 Pismo calendar will be completed well ahead of schedule 🙂

©2020, Jenn White, Pismo 9 (I), Completed, Photograph
©2020, Jenn White, Pismo 5 (E), Completed, Photograph
©2020, Jenn White, Pismo 10 (J), Completed, Photograph

This means that the Pismo Series has officially reached ~61% completed… there are only two pictures left I have decided to re-do: Pismo 12 (L) – now in progress and Pismo 23 (W),  which leaves eight that I have not experimented with yet.

Looks like I will be taking another run to the scanners soon as I now have 5 additional pictures completed since my last visit 🙂

The initial group of Pismo Series pictures have been professional scanned and have been all uploaded to the Pismo Series gallery on my website.

I have also added all of the complete letters to my Etsy Shop for prints, so please check out if you are interested in purchasing any.


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