New items, new vendors

In 2018, when I conceived the idea for the Pismo Series, the idea was to continue my relationship with VIDA and design new statement bags, clutches and candles using my new images.

Recently, VIDA has decided to discontinue making candles (which I am incredible disappointed about)  and I found out the hard way that VIDA’s design software MIRRORS the images on the “back” of the statement bags and clutches. I reached out to their tech support and found out that this is how the software has been all along, it didn’t matter before as I wasn’t using text, but now I am and there was a TEXT button in the design program, so logic would say that the image would not be mirrored… so, I have been searching for new vendors to partner with for the Pismo Series. Check out the “front’ and “back” of the statement bags with Pismo Series images: 

Maybe I am making a bigger deal out of this that it really is, but to me, having the C mirrored on the back of the bag just looks like a production mistake. Who knows? Maybe people really won’t mind the overall design.

I started looking for a vendor for the bags first, because I promised my college roommate that I would make her a Pismo 3 C statement bag… about a year ago… so I was a tad overdue. Thankfully, she is an incredibly patient woman 🙂

First, I found Shutterfly, who offered a tote bag that had promise, so since Mother’s Day was coming up, I thought I would test out the tote bags and would (HUGE Spoiler Alert) gift the bags to each of my sisters: 

While I like the totes, they were a little smaller than I would have liked, but they did have a great reinforced bottom, which was a huge plus.



Then I researched and tested a cross-body tote bag with adjustable straps from Zazzle (see left):

The tote size was significantly bigger and I liked the idea of the adjustable strap. I also liked that the canvas was white, which was more in line to what the totes I had designed with VIDA looked like, so there were a lot of pluses with this one. And best of all: the image is NOT mirrored on the back 🙂

So, #Roomie, better late than never – here is the Pismo 3 C tote bag I designed – as soon as it is safe for us to get together, it’s all yours.




And because I really wanted to be able to continue to offer candles, I tested Shutterfly’s glass non-scented candle, again as a Mother’s Day gift for the best sisters anyone could ask for 🙂 20200503_115811

I thought that they came out pretty good… the only thing is that I didn’t like that I was not able to use the entire image because of limitations with Shutterfly’s design program. But I liked that once the candle had burned down you would still have the glass with the image on it and the candle prices were affordable.

Zazzle Candle pic crop

But I still liked how VIDA made their candles, by wrapping the image around the candle, so I continued to look and, once again, Zazzle came to the rescue:

They offer several different size pillar candles with the image wrapped around the candle – perfect, right? Now, all I have to do is test one out 🙂


I am going to deliver the tote bags and the candles to my sisters soon and once I have some feedback, will decide which vendor to use going forward.


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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