Pismo Series: Completed!!

I am shocked to realize that the last update to the Pismo Series was June of 2020 – I honestly thought that I had posted an update since then.

At the time, I had just completed Pismo 17 Q and now the final 8 pictures in this series have been completed… the final 3 completed this just week: Pismo 27 & (completed on 1/15/21) and the 3rd version of Pismo 10 J and the 2nd version of Pismo 25 Y (both completed on 1/16/21).

Please see the final 8 below:

©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 19 S, completed 7/5/20
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 21 U, completed 7/27/20
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 23 W, completed 8/8/20
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 26 Z completed 11/28/20
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 24 X, completed 12/16/20
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 27 &, completed 1/15/21
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 25 Y, completed 1/16/21
©2021, Jenn White, Pismo 10 J, completed 1/16/21

Last night I was thinking about the journey that this project had taken me on and came up with the following:

The Pismo Series began on 7/7/2018 and was completed on 1/16/21 – spanning a total of 29 months. Nine of those months was spent in development – there were quite a lot of starts and stops for this project as I worked out the original concept.

NO Pismo Series pictures were successfully completed in 2018, only 6 were completed in 2019 and I seem to have hit my stride in 2020 with 18 pictures completed and the final 3 in the 1st couple of weeks in January of 2021.

In all, I worked on a total of 48 pictures for this project as there were quite a few pictures that were re-worked ( a total of 21 pictures).

I will admit to feeling a little lost this morning – I spent almost 2.5 years on this project and now will be moving on to the next project that I have been working on the concept for the past couple of months. This new project will be called Virtues and will consist of 54 pictures. I have decided to experiment with more of a mandala design and a combination of Sharpie and ink “painting” and washes. I am excited to see where this new project will take me and am determined to more consistent in posting and documenting this projects better than I did the Pismo Series – 6 months is WAY too long between updates 🙂


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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