New Project: Virtues

Now that the Pismo Series has been completed, I have been working on some ideas for my next project: Virtues. Some of the these ideas have been images in my head for a while and some are ideas I just wanted to play with. I expect that this process will continue for another couple of months until I have hit upon a “look” for the new project that I am exited to explore. Please see some of the initial ideas below:

My first experiment began with a new way to approach the knots – I stumbled up on the central knot below during a studio session and when I inked it in, I really liked the way it came out:

©2021, Jenn White, Virtues test #1

I added some new images to the picture in pencil – something I had not done before on this scale. My previous projects have focused on spontaneity and all biomorphic forms were added with gel pens. For this project, I wanted to create a new set of forms and language so I chose to use pencil first so that I could manipulate the forms prior to inking them… in this case, after I added the forms, I had another idea, so they were erased and this is the result so far:

©2021, Jenn White, Virtues test #1

I then decided that jumping right into a new series that was 22×22 inches without doing extensive tests and knowing that this is a process that will evolve over the next few months, I realized I should step back and try to use up some of the leftover sheets of paper from the Pismo Series:

©2021, Jenn White, Virtues test #2, 10×10 inches

Of course, that lead to: what if I take 2 of the 10×10 sheets and tape them together and use them during this process?

©2021, Jenn White, Virtues test #3, 2 10×10 inch sheets
©2021, Jenn White, Virtues test #4, 2 10×10 inch sheets

And just this morning I started another version. Right now, I am just playing with shapes and borders and will most likely spend the next few weeks just experimenting with this before I start adding more and more biomorphic forms and begin the next phase of the project.

Ultimately, the idea is to develop this series to be 52 pictures, all ~22×22 inches, mixed media: Sharpies, gel pens, technical drawing pens and traditional Chinese ink. I want to develop a new process in which I paint layers of ink washes onto the pictures in a more controlled look than the ink washes in the I Ching Series.

I am still debating on whether I will be adding touches of color to the pictures, but as much as the idea intrigues me, I may spend a good portion of the project exploring gray ink washes until I feel comfortable with the medium.


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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