Studio Update: June 2021

It’s been a great couple of weeks – I think I have finally hit on an idea that I am extremely excited about and feel confident that this will add an interesting element to the Virtues Project.

I stumbled across an idea that I had abandoned after graduating from college while flipping though a sketchbook from that time and thought that this could be adapted into something that could incorporate the ideas that I had been working with for the past couple of years and push them into a fun, new direction:

So I tried a couple of different approaches, using some paper scraps from the Pismo Series that are approximately 9.5×22 inches:

Ultimately, I couldn’t resist trying this idea out on a 22×22 inch piece of paper – I like the idea… just wasn’t sure what to do with it:

I thought maybe adding a ink layer would help out a bit and found a irrigation tool that would be perfect and tested it on a couple of 9.5×22 sheets of paper:

I thought outlining the ink would make it more exciting and add some dimension:

I am extremely excited about the direction that this piece is going in, I know it need something more… so I’ve added it to the studio wall and am patiently waiting for some inspiration on how to finish this. I do have to say that I have been continuing to experiment with the Aquash Water Brushes and think that this may be a possible solution in regards to next steps. Also, I received some feedback on the White Rooster Studio Facebook page when I posted this work in progress pic and added some blue to the picture (thank you!!)… for a long time I shied away from adding color as I had quite a lot of failures a couple of years ago… but I like how this is coming out and am encouraged to give color another try 🙂

I suppose it is no surprise that I couldn’t resist trying this idea out on a 20×20 sheet of paper… I should mention that the “smiley” face in the bottom center circle was completely unintentional:

On this one, I tried to let the ink dictate the shapes and even incorporated some of the ink blotches into the circles:

I had the opportunity to work on this one outside for the first time this season… Honestly, can’t think of a better “studio” to be working in:

A couple of days ago, I was thinking on how I can “spice” this idea up even more and I thought of using sepia ink and even found some great drawing pens with brown ink. This could allow the project to evolve even more and allow for more colors to be added, so I am extremely impatient to try this idea out… just have to wait for the delivery!


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