Studio Update: Virtues Project: July 2021

The Virtues Project is officially underway – as of July 4th, 2021, five pictures are currently in progress!

There is still a lot to complete and to determine how to finish these pictures, but significant progress has been made in a very short time. Please see timeline and work in progress pictures below:

Acceptance continues my experiment with a more “organic” Knot look as well as testing out sepia ink washes. Primary colors are sepia, brown and berry:

©2021, Jenn White, Acceptance, work in progress, sepia ink base, started 6/13/21

Authenticity: organic Knot, sepia wash with brown, berry and navy ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Authenticity, work in progress, sepia ink base, started 6/19/21

Caring: organic Knot, black ink wash, berry, navy and slate gray ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Caring, work in progress, black ink base, started 6/23/21

Commitment: traditional Knot, black ink wash, red and black ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Commitment, work in progress, black ink base, started 6/23/21

Compassion: blue ink wash

©2021, Jenn White, Compassion, work in progress, blue ink base, started 7/3/21

I have decided to experiment with color inks for this project and in addition to my usual black ink washes, I have added sepia, blue and (upcoming) red inks washes and additional complementary colors. I have been taking full advantage of this long holiday weekend and will be uploading more work in progress pics soon!


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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