Studio Update: Virtues Project: September 2021

Starting September with 15 Virtues Project pictures in progress – including the 1st picture that I have chosen to re-do. Please see new works in progress below:

Creativity: Organic Knot /Sepia ink background / Brown border / Navy & Berry ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Creativity, work in progress, sepia ink base, started 7/31/21

Determination: Knot / Black ink background / Black border / Orange, Blue & Purple ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Determination, work in progress, black ink base, started 8/4/21

Dignity: Organic Knot / Black ink background / Black border / Orange, Berry & Teal ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Dignity, work in progress, black ink base, started 8/21/21

Encouragement: Organic & Regular Knot / Sepia ink background / Brown border / Red & Lilac ink:

©2021, Jenn White, Encouragement, work in progress, sepia ink base, started 9/4/21

I have been trying to figure out how to finish these pictures – as I think that they need something “more” to call them completed. Thankfully, my partner had an interesting – although quite unexpected – suggestion: why not use a Spriograph? Check out Basil below showing off the Spirogrpah kit we found online:

First, I had to try out the designs… I think for this project, less is more as some of the more complicated designs would be much to difficult to incorporate them into the works in progress:

Test of Spirograph designs

Then, a small test to combine the two ideas:

I think there is something here – the idea would be to “lift” the pen when the design comes into contact with the ink washes, the solution may be to use retractable pens for this purpose as the Spirograph is finicky and the slightest wrong move could through the design off.

This may require a lot more practice 🙂


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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