Studio Update: Virtues Project revisited / May 2022

I have come across a road block with my original concept for the Virtues Project and after many months of attempting to come up with a solution, I have come to the conclusion that as much as I like the idea behind the series… it simply was not working.

I have since revisited the project and have come up with a possible new direction for the Virtues Project:

©2022, Jenn White, Acceptance, work in progress, started 2/23/22

I may need to re-do Authenticity (below) as I started to fill in the center circle with red lines which, in my head, looked promising, but when I saw the result on paper… well, it was not as exciting and simply is not working with the overall design:

©2022, Jenn White, Authenticity, work in progress, started 3/27/22
©2022, Jenn White, Caring, work in progress, started 4/4/22

Commitment was originally designed to be a landscape picture, but after I managed to get the image this far, I also saw possibilities in turning it into a portrait design, which opened the door to the next phase of this project:

©2022, Jenn White, Commitment, original design, work in progress, started 4/5/22
©2022, Jenn White, Commitment, work in progress, started 4/5/22

For the next design, I started thinking about scroll paintings, which led to the idea of adding elements that would suggest a scroll-like look:

©2022, Jenn White, Compassion, work in progress, started 4/10/22
©2022, Jenn White, Confidence, work in progress, started 4/28/22

For Contentment, I started pushing the scroll idea even further and chose to only show portions of the design where the “panels” would be:

©2022, Jenn White, Contentment, work in progress, started 4/30/22
©2022, Jenn White, Cooperation, work in progress, started 4/30/22
©2022, Jenn White, Courage, work in progress, started 5/10/22

There will still be ink layers added later to the pictures, however, I am still deciding on whether or not I should continue in the style used for Commitment or if I should incorporate some of the ideas explored in the original Virtues series.


If you enjoy the projects, pictures and posts, please see free to comment – feedback is encouraged and is always welcome.

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