From the Studio: Project updates

It has been a while since I have posted studio wall pictures highlighting projects in progress and, after looking at the studio wall this week, I realized that I have more projects in various stages of completion that I had originally thought.20180714_140902

For at least two of them, like the Journal Project (size 8×8 inches square) and the Virtues Project (8.5×14 inches), I cannot say for sure at this point if I will be revisiting them at all. Both projects were experimental and were focused on working on a smaller scale, but I found that I was having too many issues forcing myself to work within the size parameters I established.

I am not sure if it was the result of working on the I Ching project for several years (the final size of the pictures for that series was 15×22), but I have since learned that I feel more comfortable working on a larger scale and I have decided to allow my work to evolve more in that direction.

I had begun my second picture in my revised Baugua series, Xun (Wind), before our vacation last month and while we were away I ended up completely redesigning the picture. I now have the base and the organic forms completed and have begun blocking in the picture. I have added this picture to my wall so I can try to observe new patterns and forms. I find that when I cannot see a clear pattern that taping the picture to my wall for a couple of days (or weeks) will usually yield a solution:20180714_140630

I am also experimenting with another unnamed picture (I am not sure yet if I want to expand this into either a new series or jumpstart one of the projects that has stalled), the size is 10×20 and, for the first time, I used a pencil instead in ink for the design so far. The hope was to allow me to push the designs into new forms and a more challenging direction, but it is too early to tell yet:20180714_141334

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but this blog is a new site as of February of this year, allowing for more versatility and links all of my other sites in one place. If you are interested in checking out my original blog on Blogger, please go to:

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