From the Studio: Update on Pismo Series

Sometimes, your ideas work… and, sometimes, they need a bit more tweaking.

When I conceived the Pismo Series, I had an idea for a Rule that I thought could push my work into an intriguing new direction:

  • Rule: Whatever is “inside” of the letter, the opposite is to be done on the “outside”.

And while I feel like this a great idea… I feel at this time it needs more study.

I found that once I completed the initial blocking in of the letters “W” & “B”, that I was at an impasse and ended up staring at the pictures taped to my studio wall for weeks with no clear solution or direction in sight.20180826_124521

So I made the decision to do the “W” & “B” over again, see the new “W” below:20180826_124512

I found that once I got the to third picture in the series, “V”, that the initial design seemed to work better by NOT applying the Rule:20180818_162005-1 - Copy

I have decided to use the original “B” for testing, not only to work out the Rule, but to see if I can utilize a more controlled ink wash with masking fluid and rubber cement. I have experimented a little with both in the past and would like to see how far each can be pushed and how they could be used to enhance my work:20180826_124416

Design for “R”:20180826_124429

Some of the initial designs for the Pismo Series on the studio wall:20180826_124356

Last weekend was a huge prep weekend: the remaining paper that I had on hand has all been cut down to 20×20 inches from 22×30 inch sheets. All now have a border and I have started to add the letters: a new “B”, “T” and an “A”. Enough paper has been ordered to complete the series and is expected to arrive this week.

I have a number of projects in various stages of completion (several I feel need to be revisited and reworked), but I am finding that I have been consumed by this idea and have spent more time on Pismo over the past couple of weeks – and I can’t be more happy about this.

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