From the Studio: Update “Pismo 22 (V)”

I have a suspicion that “Pismo 22 (V)” may be overworked, so I have decided to step away for a week (or two) and see if the design still “works”:20180923_150943

I was able to spend some time in the studio Friday morning and yesterday afternoon… and, at some point, I know that I should have put the red Sharpie down… but when I get into a picture, I find myself facing compulsions when it comes to shapes. And, in this case… I ‘saw’ these shapes, but now I am concerned that the design may be compromised.

On the other hand, I am waiting for an order of masking fluid to arrive this week so I can move on to Phase 2 of this picture and use a more controlled ink wash than I usually add to my pictures. Who knows? Perhaps this will “tone” things down a bit and allow the “V” to “pop” out more because right now, I feel as if it is being overpowered by the overall design.

I know that this project is technically still in the development phase, so I am OK with the idea evolving and new ideas being worked into the project. I am already on the 2nd round of “B” and “W” (see below) and if I have to move on to round 2 of “V”, I am OK with that also… On the positive side: IF I do need to create a 2nd “V”, I can use the one I have as a testing ground for the masking fluid idea, so not all is lost.


The big takeaway from this is: I am creating and playing with new ideas and if this beginning stage takes longer to work out the kinks, well, so be it. I am excited about this project and I am planning on spending more in the studio going forward… and, that’s all that really matters right now anyway.

Please feel free of post comments, what you feel is working, what isn’t. Art is a collaborative process and I am open to new ideas.

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